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Thank you very much for seeing me on Saturday to help me reprogram my subconscious to be able to ask for the salary that I know is right for me. 


I just wanted to let you know.

I just got off the phone after putting forward my salary expectation....

I said $200K with complete total comfort. He then asked me if that number included super and I responded ...wait for it $200K plus super!

He said it was a bit higher than he was expecting but would take the number to the GM!

I am so thankful for your amazing Psych-K therapy.

Many Thanks in love and appreciation.


After only a few sessions with Katrina I have experienced significant and positive shifts. What I felt was holding me back, no longer seems like an obstacle and I'm amazed at how effortless the process was to let go of core issues. 


Katrina made the experience that much more pleasant and quite enjoyable yet the work made such an impact. I have confidently referred family and friends and will continue to, as I highly recommend PSYCH-K® and seeing Katrina for personal growth and healing. I look forward to my next session! 


Not knowing much about PSYCH-K® but willing to try anything to help my daughter with exam stress, I asked Katrina for help. Katrina had 2 sessions with India before her Trial International Baccalaureate exams a few months ago. Instead of the usual pre exam moods, tears etc it was all smiles, confidence & even laughing in the car as I dropped her off each day over the 10 day exam period. I saw a massive change in her whole approach to these very important exams. I've also seen the positive effect it has had on her preparation in the lead up to her final exams.


With the final IB exams about to start we will be having a further 2 sessions pre & mid exams to make sure that confidence & calm stay with her through what is a very stressful time.


We can't thank Katrina enough.

DR Paul

Working with Katrina has been an eye-opener into the depth of knowledge and professionalism she exudes. Katrina was extremely helpful working through some of my more challenging situations, both personal and professional. 


Solve your inner riddles today! I didn’t realise, using this PSYCH-K® method is not always straight-forward, therefore you would never trip over the solution(s) on your own. If you have a dilemma, or a perplexing situation, Katrina will likely be able to help you solve it.


I was dealing with lack of confidence and social anxiety issues. So after the PSYCH-K®– it wasn’t an overnight fix but a month or two later I woke up one day and realised how much has changed. I find myself being more social and more confident in my relationships with people. I looked back at what we had worked on and realised how effective it had been. I'm more assertive and confident in myself. My self esteem has improved.

It has allowed me to be a lot more discerning with the relationships I have and realise that I don’t have to be friends with everyone. I don’t need to people-please all the time. It’s an ongoing process but I feel like a different person compared to where I was then and I'm still getting stronger. 



I have been fortunate to have known Katrina Knell in both a professional and personal capacity for over a decade.


Katrina embodies professionalism whether in her previous finance career or now as a PSYCH-K® practitioner. Her passion for helping people is at the heart of everything she does. She is a warm, empathetic and caring person who displays true character and grace in every aspect of her life. 


Her commitment to her clients through PSYCH-K® is evident by the time she takes to identify the issues, individualise the treatment sessions and the follow up check ins and phone calls. It’s hard to explain PSYCH-K® – a bit of a mix between meditation; hypnotherapy and kinesiology but unlike those modalities PSYCH-K® has a lasting effect and doesn’t require regular sessions to achieve amazing results.  


After just a couple of PSYCH-K® treatments under Katrina’s guidance I can confidently say that my anxiety and stress around a number of business situations has been greatly reduced and Katrina has equipped me with skills and knowledge to allow me to continue to manage similar situations as they arise without the need for constant on-going sessions. 


If you are considering a PSYCH-K® session or just want to understand a bit more about minimising our emotional responses to stressful situations I would highly recommend getting in touch with Katrina. 

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