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certified lifebook leader


Achieve Your Vision of Success In

All 12 Dimensions Of Your Life


In my career as a financial planner, Psych-K® Facilitator, and also personally as a mum and a partner, I have over 20 years' experience supporting people create change, often in challenging times. I have been rewarded with my decision to become a Certified Lifebook Leader and have since helped many people in creating their own uniquely fabulous life vision.


Most people only focus on improving their career, wealth, health, and relationships - but in reality there are many more areas of life that shape your success, happiness and true fulfillment.


Lifebook takes you on an eye-opening deep dive into all 12 dimensions of your life, and empowers you to thrive in each of them: without sacrificing or compromising one area for another.

Discover more about Lifebook and how I can personally help you to achieve the life you want to live (external Lifebook site):


Katrina Knell

Certified Lifebook Leader

LIfebook testimonials

I've had the privilege of working with individuals, couples and groups to facilitate all levels of Lifebook training and separate accountability groups.

Belinda S.

Lifebook provides a fantastic structure through which to create your ideal life, but for me, and probably many other people out there, I would have struggled to complete it - if at all - if it wasn’t for the persistence of Katrina.

It helps that Katrina is a great listener, caring, perceptive and determined to support you through your journey. As we met up each week, I loved hearing her insights and her different perspective derived from her career and general life experience.

I thoroughly recommend Katrina to guide you through you journey, to be your Lifebook Leader, to help you create then implement your ideal life vision. This incredibly valuable learning is life-long, and your efforts are worth the money and time spent many times over. You’ll quickly see some positive and very surprising changes. You will be impressed.

Deb M.

I have been part of an accountability group with Katrina for 12 months and she's really helped me reach the next level of my Lifebook much faster than I imagined possible. I completed Lifebook Online and Bootcamp by myself but knew that an Accountability Group was the next step in moving forward. I have been super impressed with Katrina and how she's run my Group - she has put people together that are on a similar page in their Lifebook Journey so we can really help each other. She has an amazing understanding of Lifebook, she's a great listener and mediator, she pushes you to expand your thinking and goals, plus she's an excellent time-keeper so that everyone gets a turn. She's also a whole lot of fun with a truly infectious laugh! I highly recommend Katrina to anyone looking for a Lifebook Leader.

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