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About ME

"My purpose is to EMPOWER

As a PSYCH-K® Facilitator, and prior as a financial planner specialising in the family law process, I have over 20 years’ experience in supporting people going through challenging times.


Whilst enduring my own difficult family law matter my sister gave me Bruce Lipton PhD’s The Biology of Belief. And so began my PSYCH-K® journey that both I and my son found to be enormously beneficial, helping us both emerge much stronger and healthier. I highly recommend this modality.


Complementing my PSYCH-K® work, I have since become a Certified Lifebook Leader. Lifebook provides a cohesive and supportive system in which to identify life goals and implement strategies to achieve them.

Activation of our body's cellular systems, internally and externally, using stellar world-leading products is a passion of mine that rounds out the mindActivated suite of offerings. 


I am grateful to have found PSYCH-K®, Lifebook & Activation and love sharing them with the world, working with others through mindActivated to enable their own transformations.

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Katrina Knell

mindActivated Founder


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